Who are we?

ZEturf was launched by a group of people who has a passion for horse races on the day of the "Prix d'Amerique" in 2001, and it has become the main source of information on horse racing on the Internet.

ZEturf has licenses in France (ARJEL) and Belgium (CJH) and has also an international website opened for several markets, controlled by the MGA.

In 2014, ZEturf decided to launch a new sports betting website, ZEbet. With a unique betting offer and competitive odds, ZEbet became in a few months a major player in France where the site has an ARJEL license. ZEbet is also available internationally through its extension ".com", approved by the MGA.

If you have a website, a Facebook page or other communication support for betters? You can apply to our programs in order to relay, after validation by our teams, all our advertising displays relating ZEturf, ZEbet, or the both !

Affiliate Program ZEturf and ZEbet

Our programs are exclusively based on a CPA remuneration - all the conditions are detailed in the applicant (s) program (s) you are applying for. ZEturf is today proud to announce the launch of its new platform to manage affiliates.

This platform will facilitate the monitoring of your ZEturf or ZEbet campaign, thanks to an interface that will give you access to key information faster.

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All new ZEturf / ZEbet campaigns are managed via this interface.

So sign up now to prepare this migration on our platform.

How it works ?

    1. Go to http://affiliationen.zeturf.com

    2. Create your username and password with the registration form

    3. Get your registration confirmation email

    4. Log in with your username and password

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